Every organisation exists to achieve a goal or goals. A strategic plan basically provides long-term direction of the organisation by describing where an organisation is currently at and where it needs to be. It can be defined as a roadmap to sustainable value creation for the stakeholders based on the best possible information available at the time.

We assist organisations to design their business growth strategy and structure their operations to deliver improved business performance and drive shareholder value. Below is our approach


We assist leaders to analyse or asses the current internal and external environments they operate within through a combination of strategies including SWOT, Porter’s five forces and PESTEL analysis etc.


Through a synthesis process, leaders formulate the near term, mid-term and long term strategic focus areas


Facilitate the development of an operational plan to translate the strategic focus areas into objectives and key initiatives at the functional level and suggest ways for ongoing refinement and evaluation of performance. The operational plan is the bridge between the organisation's strategic initiatives, purpose and vision —and the decisions and actions that happen every day. In setting operational priorities, leaders identify required resources, KPIs, monitor progress and evaluate performance.