Organisations can spend thousands of dollars on running events and conferences every year for a range of different reasons. In our observations whilst a lot of time and effort is spent on planning the organisational events, the actual experience of the event can be a hit and miss affair at times. If you wish to engage a professional speaker, facilitator or presenter for your conference or event, we provide highly skilled, detailed, dynamic, credible and professional facilitators and moderators. Our executive Sherpas have extensive experience in running conferences, board meetings, summit panels, Q & A sessions and informative discussions with the guest speakers. We ensure that audiences are not only energised and inspired in their experience, they also get challenged in a safe and a respectful environment. We influence the way people feel, think and behave. In doing so we communicate and present keeping the brain in mind and draw the best from them by keeping the topic relevant, engaging and meaningful. We support everyone to do their best thinking and practice, gather new ideas, explore possibilities, express diverse opinions and arrive at constructive outcomes.

Please contact us to discuss your unique needs for the next event. We will request you to provide us the CPORT (Context, Purpose, Outcomes, Resources and Timeframes) for your event. Based on the CPORT, we will then advise you of a customized design for a high impact event.