‘’Overall Performance = Potential – Interference’’

We believe that overall performance is the result of one’s potential, minus the interferences. Interferences can take shape of self-doubt, distortions in our thoughts, lack of skill, knowledge or clarity, fear, being over confident or not being grounded in the present enough and reduced courage and motivation. Coaching unlocks hidden potential, increases performance and well being by making the coaches self-aware of their subconscious limiting interferences and regulating them through simple cognitive as well as non-cognitive strategies. The brain is ‘soft wired’ and can change itself both physically as well cognitively based on attention, efforts and guidance. Coaching enables the brain to mold itself and

Identify, clarify and achieve business goals Manage and leverage the stress energies Increase levels of ‘Human ERP’ (engagement, retention and productivity) Implement novel insights gained from any development initiatives in behaviours and work practices Improve self-awareness through inviting multiple perspectives Improve overall business performance