Organisation’s that are purpose driven, values led with a clear sense of Identity have a massive competitive advantage. A commonly shared Identity is a key to capturing the hearts and minds of your people and optimizing your human capital.

Competitive Advantage through Identity

Organisations that successfully build and align their people around this common Identity deliver 3 times more ROI, 40% higher Employee Engagement, 30% more innovation, 64% happier people and 40% higher employee retention rates. Building a strong Identity makes commercial sense!

Our Organisational DNA program is designed to guide your organization through a development process to define your unique Identity. It is about consciously designing your Brand with your Culture to enable you to authentically deliver for your customers and employees.

How we do it?

This 2 day workshop is a high energy, highly interactive, and outcomes focused. We apply the latest thinking from thought leaders in business and sport to guide you through the development of your unique blueprint. We help you define the Brand and Culture you need to navigate the future and realize your vision.

Once we have partnered with you to define your Identity we build an alignment program to align your culture, systems and processes around this Identity. Bringing this Blueprint to life is the key to business transformation.

Outcomes of the Workshop

The outcome of this workshop is a document that defines your Organizational Identity. We call it a DNA Blueprint. This is the document that aligns your people and brand for the future. It is the roadmap from where you are now to where you want to be.

Specific outcomes of this workshop are:
  • Identification of Key Stakeholders
  • Development of your Purpose statement – Why you exist
  • Development of your Vision Statement – Where you are headed
  • Development of your values – How you behave
  • Development of your Brand – What you stand for